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  • Wearing a skirt with this pair of shoes is too ugly, you do not buy

    Spring bloom, but also to the elbow season, a variety of skirts have debut, however, many people wear the United States and the United States, but destroyed in a pair of shoes! Xiaobian today is to say that skirt which shoes do not match, or ugly burst! Be sure to emphasize this point, but the knee boots, but the knee of the Achilles heel, you can perfectly to your long legs into a small short leg, so long legs look only 50cm. Obviously the upper body so fashionable, one jordans on sale to the leg style came a hundred and eight degrees turn. The The The use of high-quality leather to build, smooth and natural, soft and comfortable, with a beautiful curvature of the small thin with, light on the road is not tired feet, elegant little tip, not only you concave shape magic, but also make you more Have a feminine taste.

    Elegant and delicate toe design, light tone to show the white-collar beauty of the competent temperament, show the intellectual beauty, but also more visually foot slim, chic small rough with the feet more comfortable, bring the foot of the Comfortable experience. Beautiful ballet shoes, wear it, like a pair of ballet dancers have a pair of legs, thin straps can be more perfect highlights the foot lines, there is a retro beauty. Shoes with suede fabric production, feel delicate soft, delicate pointed design, more foot slim, three-dimensional bow decoration, add a trace of sweet atmosphere, short small side with, not tired feet, with tight pants or Pants can be

    Shoes used in the ultra-fiber fabrics, soft and skin-friendly, comfortable inside the moisture perspiration, that is not dull feet, soles made of rubber raw materials, bringing a soft foot feeling, at the same time with non-slip and wear resistance. Shoes with waterproof platform with 8CM with high, small wearing a high, big wear thin, British style of the wind leisure, wild at the same time will appear to look good legs, the upper design of small holes, add A trace of playful sense, the trend and not refined. White shoes body, add satin fabric bow design, girls heart full, straps can be free to adjust, practical and beautiful, retro round design, lining the feet more delicate. The upper is suede, very texture, with anti-skid wear-resistant rubber at the end, wearing a comfortable foot jordans for cheap is not enough, rough with very stable, and not tired feet, feet feel very good, the effect of the feet will be very beautiful. With the retro charm of the British wind shoes, feet delicate and delicate, very tidal range of children, 4CM with high, that is not new jordans tired feet, soles tendon material used, can be bent, wear non-slip, retro Of the wiping shoe last, but also adds elegance.

    2017-03-29 23:31:48
  • Wild more than a small white shoes! Smart sister are selected music blessing shoes

    Speaking of wild models of shoes, I think my sister may be the first time to think of is the "little white shoes", although the classic white and casual, but looking at the streets of small white shoes, can not help but feel some tedious! Season you need to replace the wardrobe, shoe cabinet should also "season" friends ~ with a little BF-style music shoes, not only wear off very convenient, but also special wild, relative to the small white shoes , Lok Fu shoes can choose a wider range. Spring sister who are always indispensable all kinds of jackets, whether it is a suit or coat, when you do not know what shoes with a pair of Lok Fu shoes will never go wrong, pink music blessing shoes give a light ripe The feeling of the wind, and dark brown will appear more retro. Horse title buckle Le Fu shoes is the most popular a shoe, coupled with the classic atmosphere of the black, it is elegant and temperament, this music shoes, whether it is gentle dress or casual pants, are able to Easy to control, with wild and temperament characteristics, has become the major stars of the fashion darling! Today's Lok Fu shoes, but also by the designers to play more new tricks, in addition to the leather section of the Carrefour shoes, suede prints and fringed models Le Fu shoes, also became a fashion up to heat sought after Object! What little white shoes do you wear this spring?Come and enjoy your new world!

    Classic small white shoes and music blessing shoes together, cheap jordan shoes a pair of both easy to wear and wild Le Fu shoes to appear it! The whole soles are straw design, so even if the summer wear will not feel dull, as comfortable and breathable! Such a simple and wild music shoes, no matter how the ride will not be wrong. Shoes is simply a lazy must! Semi-drag design, more convenient daily out of concave shape, the upper metal buckle adds a bit of fashion sense, with pink powder color, look more cute and lovely, spring used to match the best of light-colored shirt it! Rounded small square head will not only modify your feet more delicate, but also highlights a bit retro feel, the vamps on the vamps decorated for small shoes add a few bright spots, look full of British wind, small side with Of the design, both to stretch jordans for cheap the stature, but also bring you more comfortable wearing experience Oh.

    As office workers, every day and ultimately to take a lot of way, the design of the bottom of the beans, for your feet to bring a more comfortable wearing experience, put it easy new jordans to crush the road! Metal buckle design, for the simple shoes add a lot of mystery, whether with half skirt or jeans are OK!

    2017-03-29 23:30:31
  • Short stature can not wear flat shoes It must be the style did not choose right
  • Wide leg pants + flat shoes, small man can also have long legs
  • 2017 the most beautiful flat shoes?Style US price more affordable!
  • Fashion sports shoes, assists the trend of sports wind
  • Fish mouth canvas shoes with skills
  • Share the tide of casual boots with the method
  • Green canvas shoes with a unique shape, the trend of the effect of eye art concave concave
  • Fashion tooling with what shoes look good to take a moment to enhance the sense of grade
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